Pivot Points

PIVOT POINTS by Julia Tang Peters

PIVOT POINTS is the leadership book to read if you read only one this year. Julia Tang Peters writes authoritatively . . . (and) offers a balanced approach in guiding future global leaders.
– Oliver Sicat, CEO, Ednovate, Inc. and former Chief Portfolio Officer for Chicago Public Schools


PIVOT POINTS creatively blends stories and empirical research to offer compelling insights that are sure to inspire courage . . .
– John L. Ward, Ph.D. Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management


If you are only going to have time for one business read, make it PIVOT POINTS. (This) book enables clear and rational decision making at key career milestones.
– Robert L. Crutchfield, Partner, Harbert Venture Partners

Some say leaders are born, others say they are made. But as PIVOT POINTS demonstrates, the best leaders most certainly evolve. How you manage your career determines whether you continue to grow and achieve—or stagnate. There is a mountain of leadership advice out there, but books that show the real-world path that successful leaders take are rare and highly valuable.

PIVOT POINTS is a welcome addition to existing leadership literature because it is firmly grounded in reality. Seasoned leadership consultant Julia Tang Peters gained access to five exceptionally accomplished business leaders and asked them, point blank, “How do you do it?” Their answers are eye-opening. Dispelling many of the most prevalent myths about how to build success, PIVOT POINTS reorients the dominant perspective on successful leadership. It’s not about traits or characteristics, but choices.

In her interviews with top leaders in tech and other fields, Peters noticed that, for each subject, the same five critical decisions led directly to leadership success. A study of over 500 professionals in all stages of their leadership careers confirmed what the interviews revealed: it is your attitude toward the decision-making process that determines whether you are truly an effective leader. By reading PIVOT POINTS, you will learn how to identify your key strengths, apply them to significant problems, and sustain your leadership legacy into the future.

Everyone has career highs and lows. Sometimes it seems we just don’t measure up to the really outstanding leaders in the world, but the candid, relatable stories in this book show that the opposite is true. Julia Tang Peters has a remarkable ability to get beyond the surface with her subjects. PIVOT POINTS doesn’t mythologize excellent leadership. Instead, it presents five real leaders in all their complexity, resulting in tools you can use to measure your own leadership success.

PIVOT POINTS explains how leaders can build meaningful, visionary careers. You will be inspired to make the decision to embark on your own leadership journey, and PIVOT POINTS will equip you with the knowledge you need to take the right path when it matters most. The world is full of high achievers, but without the proper framework for turning determination into real accomplishment, you risk going nowhere. This book will help you navigate the crucial decisions on the road to leadership excellence.